Jim Lutomski Art

Portrait Commissions

Watercolour portrait of a young lady

Oil painting of a young girlI am always struck by the almost magical way in which paint can capture the likeness and inner qualities of a person.  Perhaps, as an artist, I add the further dimensions of imagination and time to the instantaneous images of the photographic age.  The result is, I hope, an inspiring fruit of careful contemplation.  Here you can see a few examples I have undertaken.

If you'd like to commission a portrait, I can work from photos if you wish.  Ideally, it's a help to meet or hear something about the subject of the painting.  How much it will cost depends on a number of factors e.g. whether you prefer watercolour, pastels or oil and what size the image is to be.  Typically, an oil portrait of 40x50cm will work out between £400 and £500 plus a delivery charge of £10. Portrait of twin sisters in oilsOil portrait of a young sister and brotherAn oil painting would typically be on stretched Belgian linen and supplied without a frame.  I know, it's a lot less than you'd think- so hurry before demand pushes prices up!  Portraits can also be rendered in charcoal, which is proving popular, from £60.