Jim Lutomski Art

Pet Portrait Commissions

Oil portrait of a Highland TerrierOil portrait of a young girl with her dog

In the course of drawing and painting animals, I have been surprised to discover that each one has a unique inner self.  To capture this is an artists' challenge which takes the final picture beyond a photographic representation.  Mostly, I have been asked to portray animals which have died and so I work from photos. Even so, there are, as it were, jewels in the rock-face of even the most unpromising snaps.  As animals are often less complex than humans, the finished drawings and paintings are usually less costly.  Typically, an oil painting might be £150, sometimes less; other media around £75-£100.  If you want a more complex background, we can negotiate a reasonable additional charge.  Delivery £10.

charcoal drawing of a Springer spaniel's headOil portrait of a collie on the beachOil portrait of a very fluffy dog!